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This walk is suitable for all ages and wheelchairs users and pushchairs.

Bark For Life is a fundraising event honouring the life-long contributions of our canine friends. Dogs are wonderful companions and those of us who are dog owners will know the joy of walking and caring for a dog, however the personal benefits of owning a dog are numerous, including:

  • Regular dog walking improves fitness levels

  • Patting/stroking a dog helps to reduce stress, lowers your blood pressure and your chance of cardiovascular disease

  • Children with dogs tend to have better self-esteem

  • Owning a dog can help improve loneliness and also help recover from personal trauma – such as a lost loved one

  • Playing with your dog can elevate your levels of serotonin and dopamine – making you feel good and calm.

Canine companions demonstrate unconditional love, joy, security, compassion – At Bark For Life with your canine best friend, smile, and make new friends – both canine & human.

What happens at a Bark For Life event?

At Bark For Life, dogs and their owners pay to take part in a 5k walk around the beautiful Forest of Dean – other family members are also welcome but the emphasis is on our canine friends as it is for these who sponsorship/donations to beat cancer will be obtained! On the day there will be:

  • Doggie games

  • Top dog & fancy dress contest

  • Music and Refreshments

Bark For Life is a chance to spend a few hours with family, friends and your beloved dog in the great outdoors whilst raising those essential funds to research all 200+ cancers.